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Honey Wax 104/HW 400

Honey Wax is a high gloss honey-colored paste wax formulated for use in the reinforced fiberglass product markets as an extremely effective mold release agent.

Honey Wax is compounded with the purest grade carnauba wax plus special binders and spreading agents.

Honey Wax creates a durable wax surface that remains intact for additional release operations. It also eliminates build-up of excess wax.

1.  Easier application: the exceptional ease of application and buffing drastically reduces man hours needed for complete mold coverage and maximum gloss.

2.  Multiple releases and better parting: reports have been received that with proper use, Honey Wax has given up to 10 pulls on one application. More and more users are reporting more pulls per application than ever before.

3.  Easier buffing: no power buffing is necessary because of the exceptional ease of hand buffing.

4.  Higher luster on finished part: due to the fine properties of Honey Wax, the finished product exhibits an exceptional high luster.

5.  Faster recycle clean-up: this enables the user to increase his actual production time instead of wasting it on clean-up tasks.

6.  Yields a paintable surface: finished surfaces may be painted without any problem.

7.  Lower production cost: easier application, hand buffing, better parting, faster clean-up, higher luster result in reducing man-hours and ultimately in lower costs.

In breaking in a new mould, we initially recommend that three coats of Honey Wax be used and, on the second pull, two coats should be applied. From this point on, the multiple pulls can be expected, with a dependency on type of mold, configuration, surface, resin, etc. If a P.V.A. is desired, it may be used over Honey Wax; however this should be used only where the mold surface is such that too many rough areas may exist, which could cause some surface adhesion. Conventional applications methods should prevail by applying to a surface area, approximately four foot square, hand buffing this area, and then moving onto the next segment. Power buffing will not be required with Honey Wax due to its exceptional ease of hand buffing. Some customers wax their moulds by wrapping ½ can of Honey Wax in a clean rag, kneading it, then wiping over the mold surface, applying liberally. A second man follows up removing excess and assuring complete coverage. This is followed by a quick hand buffing, after which the mold returns to production.

Honey Wax is used as a mold release agent for the manufacturing of fiberglass products such as Boats, Swimming Pools or other fiberglass objects.

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