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RESINART EPOXY CAST is a two-component, fast curing, crystal clear and solvent-free epoxy system with a high viscosity suitable for thin castings and for coating. Because the epoxy has a high viscosity, it is very suitable as doming epoxy. It is a clear system with a fast curing that does not turn yellow after a while.

As a coating, it gives your product a very clear appearance and a long-term protection due to, among other things, its high scratch resistance. Resinart epoxy cast  hardens at room temperature. The resin can be applied in 1x in 5 mm thickness and 1 layer is then sufficient for a beautiful appearance.

The system is suitable for casting, coating and laminating inter alia table tops, jewelry, art objects, 3D floors etc.

Advantages and properties of the crystal clear epoxy resin:
High viscosity (resin: 4250 mPa.s - harder: 500 mPa.s)
Fast curing.
Surface has a beautiful shine
Solvent free.
Does not stink / barely.
Good UV resistance.
High scratch resistance and protection.
Level out.
Adheres to almost all surfaces (wood, concrete, plastic, etc.).  
This epoxy resin can also be colored with an epoxy pigment paste - pigment powder - alcohol inks - acryl inks - glitter etc.

Gel time: approx. 75 minutes at 23ºC

Mixing ratio (weight): 100: 50 Mixing ratio (volume): 100: 50

Consumption: 1st layer approx. 300 to 400 grams per m2 (depending on the suction power of the substrate). Following layers approximately 250 grams per m2.                      Casting layer approx. 1100 grams / m2 per mm layer thickness.                

The Resinart epoxy cast resin sets includes hardener.

If epoxy is processed on epoxy, it is possible to continue working without sanding until around 24 hours after curing. The rule of thumb is that you can continue working without sanding when the epoxy is still so soft that an impression can be made with a nail. (this is very temperature dependent).